Progressive Cycle Association
Gravity Endurance Racing Series


All fees include timed stages, un-timed transfers, snacks and water including oreos, and oranges, and tons of fun!


Pro Men
Pro Women
Expert Men
Expert Women
Sport Men 19-34
Sport Men 35+
Sport Women
Open Men 50+
Beginner Men
Beginner Women
Junior boys u-18
Junior girls u-18

GERS #1 Black Mountain Enduro

Saturday, February 16th
4 timed stages in 1 day

GERS #2 Riverside Enduro California Enduro Series #1

Sunday, April 7th
3 Stages
M Trail and Two Trees

Black Mountain Enduro #3

Sunday, May 5th
3 timed stages

GERS # 4 Elfin Forest Enduro Finals

Saturday, June 8th

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